Diederik Joukes


 Healthy and happy life.

Diederik Joukes' mission is to make people happier and healthier. Today's society alienates us from ourselves, we are often stuck in habits that are not good for us, causing us to die faster and become unhappy. Many basic health skills and knowledge have never even been taught properly.

However, simple lifestyle interventions have a positive snowball effect. 

That is why he studied the knowledge and application of lifestyle interventions, based on the latest scientific findings. If carried out with focus, people live healthier and happier lives with the aim to preventively reduce the risk of illness and premature death.

For this purpose he developed many interventions for Springbokcoaching including the Embrace yourself programs that pursue this goal in a systematic way by focusing on making healthy habits. These are holistic or multi-component programs, which focus on adaptations in the environment, culture and personal skills. Holistic programs have proven to be most efficient in scientific studies.

Diederik is passioned by embodiment. Reconnecting with the body to be a whole person.  Body and mind are not separated, they form the same individual and are deeply intertwined at all levels. Yet we have unlearned to listen to our bodies. Helping people to reconnect so they embody their true self is what he strives to do.

Diederik Joukes is Master of Physical Education at the KULeuven.

Partner at Springbok health coaching

25 years in pharmaceutical multinationals as manager and coach

Heart coherence coach

Foundations of Embodiment

Guest lecturer VUB , Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, and VIVES University of Applied Sciences. Stagesupervisor for UGent, KULeuven, VUB, VIVES and Odyssey college.

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