Tom Cornille


 If you find a job that truly gives you joy, you'll never have to work another day.

After having run his own company for 17 years, Tom discovered Non-violent Communication. This new language and philosophy inspired by Marshall Rosenberg left a lasting impression on him. Even more so, it kickstarted a new chapter in life. It turned out to be a step towards a full-time job as a trainer and facilitator of groups through Non-violent Communication.

Tom likes to think of himself as 'ever evolving'. He attended several courses, training and retraits on NLP, Art of Facilitation, connecting communication and an International Intensive Training in nvc. Besides Non-violent Communication, he works with a broad range of insights and techniques. (for example Patrick Lencioni, the Insights Discovery model, etc.) 

With a passion for personal growth, connecting communication and development of consciousness, Tom strives for a more conscious, freer and more loving world. Besides being a trainer, facilitator and coach, Tom is a proud father of three wonderful children and together with his loving partner enjoys life to the fullest.

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