Brecht Buysschaert

 Expert Workplace Health and Well-being management

 I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.
-Nelson Mandela

I'm driven by passion and positivity to make a meaningful impact by creating whealthy workplaces for all employees all over the world.

You can define me as a social beast and lover of the good and simple life. Always in true connection with the beauty of nature. 

1000% and more entrepreneur in life!

Some of my favourite quotes:

You're the master of your fate, the captain of your soul

No road is long when you're in a good company

Don't dream it, be it

Personal info:

Married with Kim, father of 2 kids (Ella, 10y and Karsten, 8y)

Master of Physical Education at the KU Leuven (graduated in 2004)

10 years in multinationals as a business development manager (2004-2014) 

Founding partner at Springbok health coaching (2014-2020)

Master in the management of corporate health and well-being programs (NEBOSH (UK))

Corporate healthy lifestyle coach

  • Ergonomics, movement and sports (*****) 
  • (sports) nutrition (***)
  • Sleep (***)
  • Relaxation themes (***)
  • Resilience (***)
  • Working in connection (**)
  • Positive mindset (**)
  • General personal development and work-life integration (*****)

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